The opportunity

The fast-growing medical nutrition market is dominated by four global companies. They generate healthy profits by operating mono- or duopolistically. This favourable market position has historically been protected as launching products in this market used to be cumbersome, complex, expensive and relative high-risk. However, NutriMedical has overcome these barriers and makes it easy now.

NutriMedical’s PARTNER methodology allows you to compete quickly in this market with your own brands and product portfolio.

A solid Portfolio of products covering the majority of the market needs

Assessment audit to validate the economic and regulatory viability in your market

Regulatory guidance and support to secure smooth product registration

Fast Time-to-Market once the products and brands are registered

New Product Development pipeline to keep the momentum

Expertise to train your people in selling the products

Replenishment. Manageable minimum order quantities due to pooled production with our other clients as well as the ability to scale up production to meet growing market demands

NutriMedical products are already present in many countries in three continents. Registration is in progress in several other countries. Your country could be the next one to follow. Review our product range to check the profit potential in your market or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.


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