Introducing NutriMedical!


NutriMedical is a company active in the field of medical nutrition. We market a range of sip feeds, tube feeds and modules meeting the regulatory requirements in many parts of the world. We make our products available either under our own brands or as private labels for our customers. The production sites are located in Western Europe and meet the highest quality standards as set in these regions by the respective authorities.

As an proof of our capabilities we have developed a tasty energy enriched sip feed with only natural aromas.

NutriGain Energy, the tasty sip feed with only natural aromas.

Doctors and dieticians don’t prescribe ONS1 lightly. However, sometimes the patient isn’t able to get the right amount of nutrients from their diet to fulfil the needs of his/her body. In such cases, ONS can be advised or prescribed as a supplement to the diet or as sole nutrition source. With the ONS, the doctor aims at providing the patient with the essential nutrients to support the medical treatments and for the patient to get better.

We from NutriMedical recognise that it is not easy to drink several bottles a day for several weeks in a row. Therefore NutriMedical tries very hard to make ONS at least as tasty as possible without compromising the nutritional value of the product.

To reach this goal, we only use natural aromas in NutriGain Energy.

We invite you to continue reading about NutriGain Energy and/or to learn about our other products, who we are and the way we work

  1. ONS: Oral Nutritional Supplement or sip feed []
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