Medical Nutrition - the Opportunity

The fast growing medical nutrition market is dominated by four major global companies. Implementing a private label in this market has been cumbersome, complex, expensive and relative high-risk.
However, with NutriMedical that isn’t the case anymore.

NutriMedical has developed a unique approach to add Medical Nutrition products to the portfolio of its customers. Our turn-key approach is based on 6 cornerstones:

  • A solid portfolio of products covering the majority of the market needs
  • Quick assessment audit to validate the economic and regulatory viability to launch these products in your country
  • Expertise and support to secure product registration
  • Fast time-to-market once the products and brands are registered
  • Manageable minimum order quantities due to pooled production with our other clients
  • Production can be scaled up quickly to meet growing market demands

These cornerstones facilitate a hassle-free introduction in your market. The biggest hurdle to overcome has proven to be the registration in the country, and NutriMedical has the expertise and documents to get past that barrier.To successfully launch medical nutrition in the market, our customers all demonstrate a strong drive to launch this portfolio successfully combined with in-depth knowledge of and access to their markets. NutriMedical is already present in 10 countries in three continents and is in registration in several other countries. Your country could be the next one to follow.

Medical Nutrition is also known as Clinical Nutrition, Enteral Nutrition or Medical Food. Private Label is also known under synonyms like White Label, Own Label, Private Brands, Store brands, Retailer Brands, and Own Brands.