About Us

NutriMedical has been founded in 2011 as new division of the Swiss dairy company Hochdorf (established in 1895). In 2013, the Sander Ketelaar (CEO) organised a management buy-out, and NutriMedical continued to operate independently.

From the start, the entrepeneurial professionals and their networks carry a long and deep experience within the field of clinical nutritional on an international level.

We operate from our headquarters in the Netherlands and our subsidiary in Switzerland.

NutriMedical is completely self-financed and financially sound.

Owner and CEO: Sander Ketelaar

NutriMedical is already present in 10 countries in three continents and is in registration in several other countries. Your country could be the next one to follow.

In 2021 we celebrate our 10th anniversary!

Our values are


In the clinical nutrition business, the patients and health care professionals relyon us all to provide them with superior products and services. This means thatlong-term partnerships are crucial to build that trust between ourselves and ourcustomers as well as between our customers and their relationships. Long-term value creation can only be achieved by forging solid partnerships.


We believe in the importance of our products for the consumers and patientsusing them. We therefore go the extra mile to make sure the products andsupport are paramount. We think this is a crucial factor to become part of a winning team.


Starightforwardness comes back in the way we conduct business, transparentand honest, what-you-see-what-you-get and in th way we set up the relationships with our customers. Simple practical solutions for issues are preferred above complex academical ones.